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Limited time offer - sign up today & save £50 on setup

It's easy to start taking card payments with eMerchant. We've kept fees to a minimum, with £50 off the usual setup cost, no up-front deposits, no minimum monthly volumes and no additional bank processing fees.

Merchant service fee: 3.5%
per transaction.
Fraud management fee: 30p
per transaction.
Payment gateway fee: £20
per month.

One-off setup fee: £100
Limited time offer - usually £150.

All fees are charged to your internet merchant account - Nothing to pay now!

No up-front deposit
Other internet merchant accounts require a significant deposit as security for chargebacks.
To make it easier for you to start taking online payments, we do not require a deposit. Instead, our payment processing includes a reserve account.

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Monthly fee £20
One-off setup fee £100
Save £50 for a limited time - usually £150
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