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Paying too much for broadband? Move to Locall.Net for free!
We give you free migration, a free domain, 100 MB of free web space and free personalised email, all with no ties and no limits.

Moving to Locall.Net is free, easy and could save you money.

Step 1
Confirm your current contract allows you to move, then request a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) key along with your supplier's full company name.

Step 2
Match your current service with a compatible Locall.Net's connection.

Step 3
Continue to use broadband while your service is moved to Locall.Net.

Please note: MAC keys are valid for ten days after issue

Choose the right Locall.Net Broadband speed
Unfortunately, we cannot migrate you directly from services that don't use the BT ADSL network. However, you can benefit from a free domain, free website and free professional email, by signing up for a new connection.

If you're considering one of our professional web hosting or email accounts and would also like to move your broadband to us, simply sign up for your chosen broadband speed, then add broadband in your new control panel.

Continue as normal.
It takes 15 to 20 days before BT move your connection, during which time your broadband will work as normal. We will keep you fully informed and will email you to let you know the date of the move.

If you have any questions about moving to Locall.Net, call our Sales team on
0870 748 9184.


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