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Complete fraud and chargeback management.

Fraud and chargebacks are a problem faced by all online retailers. We minimise your risk by monitoring all transactions for potential fraud:

Card verification (CV2)
Verifies the three security digits found on card signature-strips.
Anti-fraud database
Checks all transactions against a blacklist of known fraudulent cardholders.
Velocity engine
Protects against fraudsters using lists of stolen data.
Neural network engine
Scores the risk of every transaction with advanced pattern checking.
Real-time rules engine
Approves and declines transactions in real-time.
Chargeback matrix
Optimises checks according to current chargeback levels.
Dispute management
Automatically appeals against invalid chargebacks.
Overdraft prevention
Protects your merchant account against excessive refunds.

Hassle-free chargeback resolution
Advanced chargeback management techniques, giving you the tools to reduce the risk of recalled payments:

Your business name shown on the customer's debit/credit card statement
Dedicated chargeback team
Active fraud management
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Monthly fee £20
One-off setup fee £100
Save £50 for a limited time - usually £150
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