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Secure web hosting data centre

We've invested significantly into ensuring our customers' websites enjoy the very highest levels of uptime, connectivity and security. With the power to cope with surges in demand, plus power or network outages, you can offer your audience an unrivalled user experience.

Based in own cutting edge data centres, Locall.Net web servers are constantly monitored and optimised to ensure websites that meet the high expectations of today's demanding internet audience.

Register your website address today
Thousands of website addresses are registered with Locall.Net. If you have a domain name in mind, such as the name of a business or a specific project, you should register it as quickly as possible. Things move fast on the internet and website addresses are a precious commodity - so secure the web addresses you want today.

The ultimate web hosting environment
Locall.net's two secure web hosting data centres house thousands of the latest web servers, maintained 24x7 by our expert team of engineers.

Every possible consideration is made for our servers to operate to their full potential, so they can deliver the highest possible levels of uptime and security.

The latest technology – thousands of the latest Microsoft Windows 2003 and Linux web hosting servers, with all major scripting languages and database technologies supported.  
Unrivalled connectivity - plugged directly to the backbone of the internet, every server enjoys a fully redundant Tier 1 connection so our web hosting customers never experience slow-down or service interruptions.  

The safest place for your website

Ultimate security
Data centre access is strictly limited to security-cleared personnel, controlled by extensive CCTV monitoring and state-of-the-art access control systems.

CCTV covers all areas of the data centre and corporate offices.  
Highly experienced security guards on duty 24x7x365.  
Access control requiring swipe-card, multiple digit PIN, finger-print plus accurate weight matching, ensuring absolutely no access to unauthorised personnel.  
Climate controlled environment
Extensive environmental controls are employed to make sure our servers work to their full potential and deliver high performance day-in, day-out.
Our multi-million pound Denco system ensures that the data centre climate is monitored and adjusted to perfection at all times.
Top of the line air-conditioning units.  
Humidity analysers and accurate temperature monitors.  
Fire suppression equipment – if the worst should happen, FM-200 gas is discharged within just 2 seconds to suppress the affected area.  

Uninterruptible power supply
Our data centres use the most advanced APC X UPS system available, providing uninterruptible power to all servers. In the case of a power outage, the power supply is switched instantly (with absolutely no interruption) to a diesel generator capable of running the data centres for 30 days.

In addition to our sophisticated monitoring systems, we have a team of expert engineers monitoring the data centres 24 hours a day, ensuring that any potential issues with the platform are prevented before they can even happen.


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