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All our web hosting packages include a choice of website building and publishing tools, enabling you to launch your website in minutes.

Easy website creation with SiteBuilder

We know that not everyone has the knowledge or skills to create a website from scratch. So if you're looking for a fast, professional-looking website without the hassle of coding and formatting, then our SiteBuilder tool is the perfect solution.

Quick & easy - follow the simple wizard, choose a design then publish. It's as simple as that.

Full control - you can also create your own design and structure from scratch.


FrontPage Extensions
Using FrontPage Extensions, you can create and edit your website using Microsoft FrontPage on your own computer, then publish directly to your web space.

Compatible with all recent versions of FrontPage.

Supports interactive elements: hit counters, forms, user registration, tables of contents and galleries.

Compatible with FrontPage templates.
We've included the latest version of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions with all web hosting packages.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
If you have the skills to design and build your own website by hand or using off-the-shelf tools, you can easily access your web space and upload your files using your preferred FTP software.
Create custom FTP accounts to allow access to specific areas of your website.
You define user rights for files and folders; ideal if you need to restrict access.

Get your website online in minutes
with our easy website builder.

Publish directly to your web space
with Microsoft FrontPage Extensions.


Create custom FTP accounts with
specific user access rights.

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