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Revolutionary push email technology
Take your Exchange email, calendars, tasks and contacts everywhere you go. Data is pushed to your mobile device in real-time, so the latest information is always with you, wherever you are.

Never miss important emails again
Recover hours of work time whilst you're on the move. If you commute on the train, work abroad or if you're simply nowhere near a computer, with push email technology you're always in the loop.

Exchange Direct Push
Direct Push is included with Windows Mobile 5 devices and is automatically enabled on all Exchange mailboxes from Locall.Net.

Emails are pushed directly to your mobile device, the moment they arrive in your mailbox.

100% push synchronisation with your mobile.

No desktop software required.

Data push occurs only when an event happens.
No constant synching needed.

Access your email, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks.


Good Mobile Messaging (GMM)
If you don't have a Windows Mobile 5 device,
Good Mobile Messaging provides push email for a number of hand-helds running Symbian, Windows Mobile 2003 and PalmOS.

We've included a GMM activation free with our Exchange and Exchange Business email packages. In addition to the features offered by Exchange Direct Push, Good Mobile Messaging also includes:

Remote control of handheld password policies.

Erase data from your mobile device remotely.

Your choice of English, French, German, Spanish or Italian language options.

With push technology, new emails are sent to your mobile device in real-time.

Familiar Outlook-style interface.


Never miss important emails again with push email from Locall.Net

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