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Maximise your broadband connection and make free internet calls to UK landlines with reduced rate calls to UK mobiles with VoIP.

VoiP is a technology that allows you to make calls over an IP network – like the internet, using your broadband connection.

With a telephone adaptor or router, you can carry on using your existing phone, or you can use a headset, microphone or speakers to make calls with your computer. You can make calls to mobile phones, landlines, faxs or other VoIP lines and you’ll receive them just as you would through a fixed line.

VoIP could radically change the way your business communicates:
Adding VoIP lines could be easier and cheaper than putting in new fixed lines, and when you set up VoIP there’s no need to get existing lines removed or rewired, its simply a matter of installing the software and attaching the headset or telephone adaptor you need.  

Call features like Answer Phone, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Call Barrring can be accessed easily from your computer or dedicated VoIP handsets (available from Locall.Net.

Coupled with the high speed ADSL services which Locall.Net offers, (currently up to 24Mb download speed on some exchanges), we can install and configure anything from a single VOIP line for small businesses to a fully featured Virtual PABX.  
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