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To fully understand what VoIP can do for your business, ask yourself:

Do you need more telephone lines when you are busy?
Miss fewer calls with an extra virtual line, keeping your main line free for incoming calls  

Much less costly than a second or third standard telephone line

Are you losing business because of your location?
Appear as central or local to your customers as you like with optional geographic telephone numbers (e.g. 01 or 02 ) regardless of where you are actually based.  
If you are based in a rural location may wish to choose a local city/London dialing code to advertise your business, or vice-versa.  
Just £7.00 per number, per month - choose as many different geographic numbers as you like.  
Would saving money on your calls and a more predictable phone bill help your business?
Reduce uncertainty about your bills with capped call rates.  
Calls to mobiles cost just 10p a minute.  
International calls are heavily discounted and usually less than 2p per minute.  
Unlimited local and national UK calls for up to an hour.  
Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your incoming and outgoing calls?
Calling features are included at no extra cost to help manage your business more effectively.  
Including call waiting, caller display, BT answer 1571, three way calling, call forwarding, and outgoing call barring.  
Discover more benefits of VoIP  
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