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Big savings & maximum productivity for small business
Locall.Net VoIP services can replace, or work in conjunction with your existing telephone system. You will have all the features of any modern phone system and more.

If you have staff who work away from the office then they can simply take their phone with them anywhere they go. You can either buy VOIP handsets or just load some software up on a PC and start making, receiving and transferring calls immediately.

The benefits of a PABX - without actually buying one
Features like Voicemail, Call Recording, Conferencing and Music on Hold are all standard and included in the price. From as little as £15 per month you can make unlimited calls to UK landlines and all of your staff or business sites can communicate with each other completely free of charge.

New Business Start-Up
If you work from home, VoIP can take care of your business communications single-handily. One of the virtual lines can be dedicated to business calls, another to internet access, and your existing home line reserved personal calls.

Call management features will help you keep in touch more effectively, for example you can set up call forwarding to transfer calls to your mobile when you’re away from your desk. VoIP is easier and cheaper than maintaining fixed line phones and in the future, you’ll be able to make calls from any internet connection.

Growing Businesses
Managing cheap and reliable communications is essential when you’re growing your business. As your business grows through telephone and internet orders, you may take on more staff and need more telephone lines.

VoIP makes adding additional telephone lines and call management features easy, giving customers and suppliers direct access to members of staff.

Improving Customer Service
Keeping customers happy depends on how well you keep in touch. According to BT, a quarter of business calls are lost when there’s and engaged tone, or no reply. And 34% of UK business callers won’t call back.

VoIP with its advanced call features, means customers can always get through whilst your taking care of business elsewhere with significantly reduced communication bills. With VoIP from Locall.Net, you business will save money that can be spent on developing the business.

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