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Setting up VoIP is simply a matter of plugging the hardware into the computer and inserting the installation CD. When the software is installed, you’ll be ready to start making and receiving VoIP calls.

Make and receive calls

As soon as you’ve installed VoIP, you’ll be able to pcik up you phone and dial numbers just as you did before, only now, instead of being transferred through telephone lines, your phone call will pass through your broadband line.

Using VoIP lines, incoming calls are no different to fixed lines. When someone dials your existing number or any additional VoIP numbers, the phone will ring and you’ll pick it up to answer.

Call Management Features
VoIP comes with a range of call management features to help you keep in touch with your customers – wherever you are. You can access the settings for your Answer Phone, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Call Barring through a simple control panel pn your computer. Just change and update the settings to suit you.  
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