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'Live Tracking' facility is available on all the Wireless Delivered solutions.

Currently most tracking companies in the transport and logistics sector provide full fleet management tracking systems which give comprehensive reports on vehicle movements including start and stop times, routes taken and fuel consumption. Unlike these solutions 'Live Tracking' differs in that it simply offers a cost -effective live satellite-tracking tool providing one-minute updates for companies on the current location of their vehicles.

To utilise the 'Live Tracking' facility all a company needs is our GPS receiver antenna and our map.

Benefits of 'Live Tracking'

Integration into the Wireless Delivered product.

Based on real time information.

No other product available with one minute updates at this price.

Provides the back office with a cost effective visibility tool with which to keep customers informed on their deliveries and make more informed despatch decisions.
Simple and effective to use (no need to employ a specialist to interpret the data or reports).

In a nutshell 'Live Tracking' enables despatch managers to make enhanced decisions using the exact location of their vehicles as opposed to perceived locations which are often radically different.

'Live Tracking' offers a simple and cost effective satellite tracking tool that once again meets the needs of the transport and logistics market.



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